The proceedings are available for download

The conference proceedings can be downloaded from

The conference program is available for download

The conference program can be downloaded at

The workshop program can be downloaded from

Deadline for registration is arriving

The deadline for registration for the TELEMAC/MASCARET User Conference is October 4th 2021. Registration can be performed at We are all looking forward to seeing you either onsite in Antwerp or online.

Deadline for abstracts is extended to July 17th

We have already received a substantial number of abstracts. However, because the deadline for abstracts was very short after the final decision whether or not the TUC will go on this year, we have decided to extend the deadline for abstracts to July 17th. Please submit your abstract before that date to

TUC 2021 is going on!

After careful consideration of the current COVID-19 situation, it was decided to hold the TELEMAC-MASCARET User Conference on the original scheduled dates (Thursday October 14th and Friday 15th 2021). The conference is- organized in a hybrid form. Apart from the physical form, which will be held in the Lindner Hotel in Antwerp, Belgium, there is also the possibility the participate online for the conference. The pre-conference workshop on Wednesday October 13th will go on in physical form only at the Lindner hotel in Antwerp.

In order to organize a successful TELEMAC-MASCARET User Conference, please submit your abstract for the conference by Friday July 2th 2021. Registration for the TUC will open soon.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the TELEMAC-MASCARET User Conference.

TUC 2021 update

Last year the TELEMAC-MASCARET User Conference had to be postponed last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The current evolution of the COVID-pandemic  and the ongoing vaccination gives us good  is currently giving us hope that this year, the TUC can continue as scheduled on Thursday October 14th and Friday 15th 2021 in Antwerp Belgium, with a pre-conference workshop on Wednesday October 13th. The final decision whether the TUC can go on will be taken on June 25th 2021 , taking into account  the development of the pandemic as well as the government regulations regarding the organization of these kind of events and quarantine free travel from and to Belgium. We will open registrations for the TUC soon.

In order to organize a successful TELEMAC-MASCARET User Conference, please submit your abstract for the conference by Friday July 2th 2021.

We sincerely  hope to be able to meet you all in person in Antwerp in October.

TUC 2020 online proceedings

The proceedings containing the papers submitted to TUC 2020 can from now be downloaded from the following locations:



Due to ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it was necessary to postpone the TELEMAC user Conference to October 2021. Instead this year, a TELEMAC Webinar will be organized. This will take place on Thursday October 15th 14h00 to 16h30 (GMT+2, i.e. local time in Belgium, France and Germany).

This Webinar can be joined free of charge by using the teams link below.

The preliminary program is  (time in GMT +2):

14:00-14:15 Welcome from the president of the TELEMAC-MASCARET consortium

14:15-14:30 Introduction to the webinar

14:30-15:30 Presentation of latest developments v8p2 for TELEMAC & MASCARET

15:30-16:00 Overview of the abstracts and papers submitted for TUC 2020

16:30-16:30 Conclusion of the webinar and online drink/coffee

The TELEMAC User conference in Antwerp is postponed to October 2021

In recent weeks, we have seen an increase COVID-19 cases all over Europe. These have made travelling increasingly difficult, due to travel restrictions and quarantine obligations for travelers from various governments. Because of this, the TELEMAC consortium and the local organizing committee of the TUC have taken the decision to postpone the TELEMAC USER CONFERENCE in Antwerp to October 2021. We are currently looking for the exact date and will communicate you this as soon as this is determined

Finally, even though TELEMAC CONFERENCE is postponed, we feel the need to keep in contact with the TELEMAC community. Therefore, we will organize an online TELEMAC gathering, which will take place in the afternoon of Thursday October 15th  2020. We are currently determining the exact format and program of this online gathering and will inform you in due time.

IMDC is proud to organize the TELEMAC USER CONFERENCE

  • The TELEMAC-MASCARET User Conference has proved crucial in bringing together an international group of engineers, scientists and hydrodynamicists to share best practise and ideas for the development of this unique hydro-informatics software system. What started as a small group of mostly developers at a workshop in Paris, in 1994, has grown into a successful annual event which attracts delegates from several continents.

  • The software has developed strongly, particularly since the adoption of the GNU Opensource platform in 2010 and new tasks in the marine and fluvial domains to which the TELEMAC-MASCARET system can be applied, are multitudinous. Advances in the capability of the system now encompass biogeochemical processes as well as physical, extending the system to ecosystem modellers from a wide range of scientific disciplines, as well as more traditional hydrodynamic modellers.

The conference is substantially supported by the TELEMAC-MASCARET consortium: Artelia (France), Bundesanstalt für Wasserbau (BAW, Germany), Centre d’études et d’expertise sur les risques, l’environnement, la mobilité et l’aménagement (CEREMA, France), Centre Europeen de Recherche et de Formation Avancée en Calcul Scientifique (CERFACS, France), Daresbury Laboratory (United Kingdom), Electricité de France R&D (EDF, France), and HR Wallingford (United Kingdom), which we gratefully acknowledge.

We are looking forward to seeing you all in Antwerp for the 2020 TELEMAC User Conference!

The organising committee:
Alexander Breugem
Kai Chu
Boudewijn Decrop
Lesley Frederickx
Theofano Koutrouveli
Rohit Kulkarni