Workshop program

Morning program: GAIA

In the current release (v8p1) the new sediment transport module GAIA has been officially released. GAIA is the brand new open-source, sediment transport and bed evolution module of the TELEMAC-MASCARET modelling system. GAIA is based on the historical sediment transport module SISYPHE, where a large number of improvements, corrections and optimizations have been implemented. Thanks to its unified framework, GAIA efficiently manages different sediment classes, sand-mud mixtures, etc. for both 2D and 3D spatial dimensions

In the workshop, the participants will have a glimpse of the GAIA’s functionalities by performing several examples, supported by a theoretical background. These examples will be oriented to the numerical simulation of the main sediment transport processes commonly found in practical applications, such as bed load, total load and suspended sediment transport.

Afternoon program: Automatic Calibration in Salome